Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Snow Snow

Well, the birds have been expecting it and so have we... and it finally came! Overnight, the whole town was covered in white. We were quick to get out this morning around 8 o clock to start digging. By shifting all the snow around the bottom of the feeder and the rockery, we hoped it would be easier for birds to move about and access food. The little mounds of snow around the dip would act as a small wind barrier too. Plenty of food came out for plenty of birds who came.

The redwings returned in a flock of about 12, but only one or two landed in the trees surrounding the garden. There were apples out, but they didnt feed. Perhaps too shy or not interested.

Most of the visitors were blackbirds (a record of 8) who fought constantly for the best pieces of apple, and a host of finches (chaffinches, greenfinches and goldfinches.)

Two Long Tailed Tits
Single Long Tailed Tit

The Long-tailed tits also came back in a small group of 3 (only two pictured, fast fluffballs!)

Three Greenfinches

Also... I decided to try out the video function on the new S2950. It was very cold, so shaky hands, and also the battery wasnt great as i'd been trying to get the best quality pictures out of it (and failed hehe) So excuse the bad photography skills!


  1. Beautiful photos and extremely beautiful video, full of happiness and so many different varieties of birds, each one filled me with joy and I'll admit, bought tears to my eyes. Birdie Wild :-)

    1. Thank you so much birdie, im glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully I can take some more, maybe of my LTTs or song thrush - maybe my redwings will sit still for me! hehe

  2. Lovely photos and video, Hawky, you have a nice variety of species enjoying the buffet :) from Marianne aka aiki :)

    1. thanks aiki! I followed your blog then forgot who i followed hehe! Very much enjoying your high quality pictures and comments :)