Saturday, 11 February 2012

Not much to report...

Lady blackbird
As the title suggests, not as an exciting day as yesteraday. No new birds to report. However, all of the finches were out in power today with over 7 greenfinches visiting at one time (with likely more waiting behind for their turn!) Also the goldfinches and chaffinches. The dunnocks were also frequent today with the lack of blackbirds (maximum of 2 as opposed to recent numbers of 8) 

I took a load of pictures today, but because I was messing around with the camera not really knowing what i was doing, they're all too grainy or dark! Will get better I promise

However, have been testing out the macro on the new camera on a willing subject...


And also another video... Nothing special, dunnocks, blackbirds and a chaffinch or two... As soon as I put the camera down and went back inside to get ready to go out, every other bird seemed to descend (long tailed tits, coal tits, goldfinches, to name a few...) Oh well

There is a 1080HD quality in the settings (the cog wheel) 

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