My Garden Set-up: Food

RSPB's Buggy Nibbles (image from
A high quality food straight from the RSPB, this is a guaranteed favourite in any garden. I put mine on the mesh tray, but there are special feeders you can get for nibbles if you so wish. They are a quick and easy bite for a bird, especially all types of tits, finches and robins. Other birds, like starlings, also love them. 

Sunflower Hearts (image from
A huge favourite of all birds, this no-mess food source is one of the most important in many birds diets. Black sunflowers can be more expensive and create more mess, so hearts are the way to go! Tube feeder advised, though they also do well on tables. Nearly every bird enjoys these, especially finches!

Nyjer Seed (Image from
One of the more specific bird feeds, this type of seed is eaten mostly by goldfinches and greenfinches. Would only recommend this food if you have a tube feeder (clinger's only is a great holder) or a specific nyjer seed feeder as they can spill. I like to mix mine in with sunflower hearts for a finch-feast!

Buggy Suet Balls (Image from 
A higher quality suet ball, these balls are slightly more expensive than "normal" balls. However, they do contain ingredients such as meal worms and are much more successful with birds! Long Tailed Tits and other  tits will enjoy this treat in the colder months. Highly reccomended from the RSPB shop - a fat ball feeder holds them well and could be visited by LTTs and Woodpeckers

A Robin / Blackbird Mix (image from
Pictured above is the RSPB's high quality ground mix. However, I usually buy local-sourced mixes depending on how much I have left. Robin and Blackbird mixes usually cater for more than the two species, so dont be put off! They usually include fruits, sunflowers, and more - robin mixes usually include mealworms. Be wary of broken dog biscuits which are sometimes added to fill the bag - either pick it out or soak the pieces before putting them out

Coconut Shell Suet Treats (image from
You can buy these in many forms, but RSPB's are high-quality and tested, and are likely to include better ingredients than most other brands. Also, shells can be reused, making this a very economic product. A favourite with finches, tits, and robins, as well as other species. 

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