Saturday, 25 February 2012

Blackcap and warm weather

Sorry for the absence, have been busy with school etc, but back now for a while :)
Saw my first blackcap yesterday, he visited the sunflower-hearts-feeder, but I didnt get a picture as he didnt stay for long! These are from today: Could someone confirm no.2 is a sparrow? thanks! :) 


  1. Hey Hawky, nice photos. No 2 is indeed a sparrow (female House Sparrow). Hope your Blackcap comes back!

    1. Probably just my camera going wild with colour then, thank you!
      I havent seen him since but... the likelihood of him being there when I'm not looking is very high at the moment - schoolwork until its dark! Hehe. Wonder where he lives...

  2. Hope you're doing ok, Hawky - loved this blog :))